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Madison County Florida Chamber of Commerce


Offering a beautiful country backdrop to history, culture, and nature gives us the reason to boast that "Our Attraction Is Only Natural." Madison County is home to our Four Freedoms Park where the Four Freedoms Monument resides to symbolize the four freedoms outlined in a speech by President Franklin D. Roosevelt and salutes our very own hometown Hero, Capt. Colin P. Kelly, the first hero of World War II. Our rich architectural history shines with the stately Madison County Courthouse, circa 1912, and the real life "To Kill A Mockingbird" style courtroom still in use today. Guided walking tours are available of our downtown historic district that includes Madison's oldest home, the Livingston House, circa 1836, many historic markers and churches. We even have a classic steam engine that was in service in 1919 and is still operational today!


Our western Town of Greenville recently renovated the childhood home of entertainer Ray Charles, a simple beginning for a most talented man, whose life-sized bronze statue is displayed proudly in Haffye Hayes Park on US Highway 90 in Greenville.


Madison County is bordered on three sides by rivers, the Aucilla River to the west, the Withlacoochee to the north, and the Suwannee River to the east. The Madison Blue Springs State Park, a first magnitude spring known worldwide, touts beautiful water, and allows access to the Suwannee River for canoeing, cave diving, fishing, and swimming.


If you enjoy bird watching, we are home to the Ladell Brothers nature center and the Twin Rivers State Forest which also lends itself to horseback riding.

Our country charm, southern hospitality and beautiful scenery keep people coming back. You don't have to live here to love it, but you could!

Featured Member

O'Neal's Country Buffet

O'Neal's Country Buffet was opened by Danny Croft and Glenda Kennedy in 1994 in a building that was at the time known as the Hilcrest Drive-In Dairy Bar, which is why they have the large "H" on top of their sheltered parking area! Danny and Glenda's daughter, Keri English, manages O'Neal's Country Buffet and is referred to as "The brains behind the business". O'Neal's Country Buffet is always crowded around lunch on weekdays and at dinner during the weekends! They have different items on their buffet each day, so keep an eye on their marquee sign to pick your favorite days to visit. One common menu item: their fried chicken, is one of their most popular items and is offered most days of the week! Other notable days are Fish Fry Fridays, Steak and Gravy on Monday, and teriyaki wings, sausage and peppers, and smoked chicken on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. O'Neal is a family name; Glenda Kennedy's maiden name. Her brother, Pat O'Neal is the owner of Valdosta's Smok'n Pig BBQ and Old Times Country Buffet, as well as approximately TEN other restaurants! For some incredible country style cookin', head over to O'Neal's Country Buffet and get your fill of comfort food! They are located at 558 W Base St, and can be reached at (850) 973-6400.

Public Notices

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Upcoming Events

Business After Hours at Mimosa Fashion Boutique
Tuesday, April 20, 2021
Saturday, April 24, 2021
Madison County Chamber of Commerce Meeting
Monday, April 26, 2021

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