Madison County Florida - Our Namesake

Madison GazeboMadison County was named in 1827 in honor of the fourth President of the United State, James Madison, when it was chartered as Florida's largest county. This took place long before Florida was admitted to the Union, in 1845. Since then, the county has "surrendered" land masses that now constitute Taylor, Lafayette and Dixie Counties. Madison County today consist of 716 square miles of forests, rivers, lakes and gently rolling hills filled with beautiful vistas, teaming wildlife and birdlife, and an extraordinary example to the natural beauty of untouched land.

Madison County's largest town, also named Madison, has a quite different namesake. Madison C. Livingston donated the first parcel of land to create the city on May 2, 1838. Livingston Street, located on the north side of the city of Madison's Historic District, still bears his name to this day.