Madison County Florida - Birding

Madison County - BirdingBring your binoculars and your sighting log, and then get ready to add dozens of species to your list. Madison County's forests, rivers and ponds attract hundreds of native species, such as the sand hill cranes, along with birds that migrate here seasonally. And come prepared for a few sightings of a lifetime! Native species as well as migratory birds and exotics frequent Madison County, Florida.

The 20-acre Ladell Brothers Outdoor Environmental Center is located on the campus of North Florida Community College, in the city of Madison. The nature center was developed to preserve the homes of as many species of plants and animals as possible. Habitat diversity includes a black gum-red maple swamp, marsh area, a 4-acre pond, spring fed stream, deciduous woods, pine woods, campus grasslands, and a planted field. Over 200 species of organisms... plants from violets to hickory trees... and animals from the grey fox to plant mites have been sighted or identified. Habitats, animals, and plants may be observed by walking the loop trail system at the Center. The Center consist of three different trails of varying length and difficulty.

For more information, contact the Madison County Chamber of Commerce & Tourism toll-free at (877) 272-3642.